(🎅EARLY XMAS SALE⭐) Fried Cat😺Rug - National Lampoon Cousin Eddie Griswold Fans Christmas Gift

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Original Fried pussycat rug with lights from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.

Hysterical hostess gift, holiday party decor or gift for coworker. Kick off your fun, old-fashion family Christmas with your own fried pussycat under your tree for a ridiculously funny conversation piece inspiring reenactments with classic quotes. A 5' set of lights is included (white the last). I'm sorry but the little lights won't be twinkling. They will give a nice steady glow as long as you remember to plug them in.

  • Hand cut size is approximately 16” x 24” may vary around an inch
  • Cut from very light-weight Ribbed floor mat 100% polyester fiber
  • White faux fur edging (like the cat) not boa feathers.
  • Scorched-looking dark fur on top may shed (hopefully not as much as a real cat but it is meant to look like a fried pussy cat, not puss-in-boots.
  • Outrageously funny cat that if it had nine lives, it just spent ‘em all.

Authentic Fried Cat mat. Handmade by the family here at Healingalleys. Much to my surprise, sales have steadily increased throughout the the summer. We are anticipating an early sell out. Cost of materials has also increased astronomically and it is unlikely they will remain at this price point. Given that, I recommend securing your order before it sells out.

Last day to get in time for Christmas is Dec. 5th when You’ll hear us yelling “hallelujah! Holy Shit. Where’s the Tylenol?

Gag Gift Fried Cat Rug Christmas Vacation Decor, tree skirt, fan of cousin Eddie and the Griswolds.